Geografski polozaj

Montenegro is located in the South-western part of the Balkan Peninsula and is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, so it is a Balkan and Adriatic-Mediterranean country at the same time. It is bordered by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania and Serbia.  Montenegro has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the South-West so it is also bordered by Italy. 

Because of its convenient geographic position and mild climate the area of Budva has been settled very early. Rafailovici is a part of the Budva Municipality and is situated between Becici and Kamenovo.

Rafailovici is a small fishing place near the Becici beach. This crystal clear sea, sandy beach is about 2000 meters long. Rafailovici has got a marina for yachts, speed boat and boats. The climate is Mediterranean and there are 226 sunny days in the year. 

Rafailovici is 2 kilometres away from Sveti Stefan, 4 kilometres from Budva, 50 kilometres from Podgorica, 17 kilometres away from the Tivat Airport, and 30 kilometres from the Bar Train Station.

Rafailovici is in the centre of the Montenegrin Coast and is well-connected with highway from Cetinje and from the coastal towns of Budva (the nearest) and Bar.

The nearest airport is the Tivat Airport, where plains come from and go to many different destinations. State airline carrier is Montenegro Airlines.


For the lovers of underwater sports we offer scuba diving and snorkelling at desired locations and challenging cave tour. 


At the very promenade there are several different restaurants. We would like to single out the one called “Speranza” that is a part of our apartment complex, and offers a variety of Italian cuisine specialties. Besides "Speranza" as you walk along the coast of a small fishing village, as the name itself suggests, you can enjoy a variety of seafood restaurants with excellent food.


We are going to tell you about some very interesting places for those who haven’t had the opportunity to visit Budva and those who haven’t been there for a long time. 

Fun and recreation 


Speed boat rides


Underwater fishing 

Water skiing 




Sand football

Sand volleyball 

Scooter rides




Net fishing

Boat parties